Healthy food is currently the topic on everyone’s lips – vegan or low-allergen food can be conveniently purchased in the nearest supermarket. So for many including myself, the question is which diet is right or wrong, and which foods are right for me and my lifestyle.

As a mother and a woman in her 40s I have already dealt with the topic of nutrition intensively, and I’ve found a well-functioning everyday diet for my family (to leave food as much as possibly unchanged and refrain from sugar). But I’m always open to new ways to expand or refine my standard daily dishes.

When I received the invitation from Pharmalp to attend a cooking workshop with algae my curiosity was sparked. Pharmalp is a Swiss company dedicated to the production of innovative nutritional supplements. In the cooking workshop the highly concentrated algae product, Spirul-1 was presented and integrated into a 3-course menu. Especially women are often affected by iron deficiency (which includes symptoms such as fatigue, brittle hair and nails, as well as increased susceptibility to infection), and I am one of them! Moreover, I have a personal dislike of iron tablets, so adding iron in a natural way to my dishes sounded terrific.

We were allowed to watch and help gourmet cook Frank Widmer incorporate pure algae and algae granules into a 3-course meal during the cooking work shop at the Park Hyatt in Zürich. Here’s what we cooked:

The salad: quinoa with feta, blueberries and algae leaves on a light vinaigrette

Gourmet cook Frank Widmer at the show kitchen of the Park Hyatt Zurich preparing the starter dish

The main course: algae pasta on a porcini mushroom cream sauce

The algae granules are being worked into the pasta

The dessert: algae-crème brûlée with a light fruit salad

My conclusion: except for the salad, which tasted a bit more intense like the sea, the courses were delicious and didn’t remind me of eating algae at all. I was thrilled with the simplicity in which Frank Widmer left the food and the bold combination of ingredients used to create a very tasty menu. Maybe it was even the algae that gave the food an unexpected magic…

CEO of Pharmalp Philippe Meuwly with me and cyclist Simone Pellaud, who has been using Pharmalp products over the course of his career