As the air gets crisp and coats need to be brought up from the basement, it becomes inevitable that one will be spending more time indoors. Kunst 18 Zurich was the perfect opportunity to take a walk sheltered from the weather while getting inspired to decorate or purchase art for your own four walls. Around 50 galleries offered a selection of mostly affordable art work – from paintings and sculptures to photography and media arts.

Impressions of the art collection presented by Galerie Bueffelfish Dresden

Sculpture presented by the gallery Vitrine Luzern

Sculptural art objects by Galerie Schmalfuss Berlin // Paintings by artist Sarah MacRae Morton

Lounge area at Kunst 18 Zürich

Art by Yun Jae Tak

Swiss artist Sebastian Haas’ installation “Gesamt”

My friend Mirjana and me at the exhibition