Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe not knowing what to wear or picked out an item not knowing how to combine it? Needless to say, that situation sounds familiar to most of us. I’m not aware of a women’s brand having addressed those particular issues yet, but for the opposite sex the answer might be as simple as a five letter word, Kanoa. Find out below what the brand is all about and why it’s the perfect solution for the modern, urban traveler and man.

Timeless tailored clothing in basic colors made from high quality fabrics

The Kanoa collection offers basic colors that can be worn in any situation, all year round. Dozens of models lead to over a hundred combinations that can easily be put together into a perfect outfit – the dream for every traveler and every man!

The need to skilfully combine clothing, whether casual or formal, is a concern for most travelers. The Kanoa lookbook shows clothing combinations for many global destinations.

Singer Alejandro Reyes created a beautiful musical atmosphere at the Kanoa store opening in Zurich

Founder of Kanoa, Bruno Grande, with singer Alejandro Reyes at the Zurich store opening

” You should always know where you come from, but our future, our tomorrow, is just as important, and here our children come into play: KAia and NOAh are the ones to whom this project is dedicated. “- Bruno Grande, founder of KA / NOA

Kanoa is like a small slow-wear movement to fashion, contributing to lasting heritage and high quality rather than chasing after every fashion trend. Check out their store in Zurich, or shop online at kanoaitalia.com to invest in a wardrobe that’s sustainable and 100% made in Italy.