In my opinion, a perfect summer drink needs to be refreshing, sparkling, light… it should give you that feeling of being kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind when sipping on the glass… that carefree summer feeling you get while on vacation.

When I had the chance to taste the new mini edition of the Veuve Cliquot Rich, I knew I had discovered a new summer favourite: it is fresh, fruity and contains luscious notes. What makes it taste and look even more like a cocktail is the way it’s supposed to be served: on ice, with one fresh ingredient. A slice of cucumber, some grapefruit zest, pepper, celery, or even tea will enhance the aromas of the wine and lead to a distinctive tasting experience! If you don’t mind the sweetness of this particular champagne, you’ll love the Veuve Cliquot Rich!

I chose fresh strawberry in my glass of Veuve Cliquot Rich

The setting for the launch of the Petit Rich: the beautiful roof terrasse of Samigo Zürich

Thank you Veuve Cliquot and Samigo Zürich for this wonderful tasting experience!